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Hansberry takes great pains to demonstrate the complexities of the situation in Zatembe; it is unlikely she would abandon these complexities to, as Morrison put it, "boil [the play] down" to the rather simplistic solutio n of killing all whites.
Also, owners of some properties, such as federally-subsidized apartment projects, are generally obligated to rent at below-market levels, and thus, can be expected to resist the fee simple solutio n.
Constraint equations in terms of equality and inequality relations are added to impose problem limitations on the overall solutio n.
16) Loofs here makes a connection between Leontius's use of enypostatos in Contra Nestorianos et Eutychianos (1277D) and a second quote from a separate text attributed to Leontius, Solutio argumentorum a Severo objectorum (1944C).
Open forums held in all of the DIS regions have prompted frank discussions of industrial security policy and practices, interaction between DIS and industry security professionals, and identification and solutio of security problems.
r do at ed on Andy Wood, operations manager Kingsgate, said: "P2 have provid us with a cost-effective IT solutio which will provide us with the support we need.
31) In I Sententiarum, distinctio 4, sectio A, articulus 2, solutio in ed.
With these definitions in mind, health risk managers within Medscheme's Managed Care Division (subsequently known as Solutio Health Risk Management) introduced several preventive health programmes in 2003.
Et de ipsa pecunia fuit facta solutio pape Eugenio tunc Florentie pro XXIII milibus ducatorum de Camera, pro habendo terram burgi ad Sanctum Sepulcrum pro Comuni Florentie et pro eodem anno.

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