solution to difficulties

See: panacea
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Alliance for the local bodies' elections would be made at district level and in case of any difficulty at district level, then provincial level members would make efforts for the abolition of district level differences and solution to difficulties.
By using our service, companies can fill vacancies without worrying about overworking their current resources, and job seekers can find a solution to difficulties caused by the stagnation in the labor market.
I would earnestly plead with those who have the power - and who are acting for the people - to discourage the continuance of war as a solution to difficulties between nations, which could and would be settled without bloodshed if the true Christian spirit was maintained.
Talking to mediapersons in Sunsari district where he inspected the reconstruction work at the damaged Koshi embankment, Mukherjee said India is serious towards finding a proper solution to difficulties caused by damaged embankment of Koshi River.
It provides hope that the seemingly impossible can occur if we actively seek to find a solution to difficulties in our lives.