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Fore tibia with basal, middle and apical solutus rings or bands; mid tibia with mid and apical rings or bands only 7.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative European loan servicer Solutus Advisors has selected Voyanta's web-based software platform to support its continued growth and drive transparency through real-time reporting solutions.
unknown solutus (Fernald & Wiegand) Hamet-Ahti Juncus exiguus (Femald & unknown Wiegand) Lint ex Snogerup & P.
htm ("[N]either the text nor the spirit of the Charter conceives of the Security Council as legibus solutus (unbound by law).
nam cum solutus mero remisissem ebrias manus, Ascyltos, omnis iniuriae inventor, subduxit mihi nocte puerum et in lectum transtulit suum, volutatusque liberius cum fratre non suo, sive non sentiente iniuriam sive dissimulante, indormivit alienis amplexibus oblitus iuris humani.
Cito alcuni fra i passi pio significativi di questa tematica: "Ille quidem evolavit, ego nullo iam laqueo tentus sed visco consuetudinis pessime delinitus, alas explicare nequeo et ubi vinctus fueram, solutus hereo" ("Egli si levo da terra, io invece senza essere pio avvinto da laccio, impigliato nel vischio della mala consuetudine, non posso spiegare le all e laddove ero stato incatenato pur libero rimango," Familiari X, 3; Petrarca, Prose 926, 927); "Quis alis celum terrestria prendent?
46) Indeed the Hobbesian claim that internal sovereignty must be located in one single institutional center whose will is legibus solutus has been belied ever since the first modern constitutional democracy emerged in the United States in the eighteenth century, based on the separation of powers, checks and balances, and popular sovereignty, not to mention the division of powers entailed by federalism.
Et respiciens Petus canem magnum catena grande ligatum, accedens soluit eum, canis autem solutus uocem humanam accipiens dixit ad Petrum," cap.
De Retz's Memoires cannot be dismissed simply as an act of revenge against his political enemies; it is also a courageous attempt to set the record straight in a momentous fight that set the Church against the king, who had slowly become a "princeps solutus legibus": a powerful individual who could legally and morally do anything he chose, in politics as well as in his private life.
48) In the Latin version of Bodin's work, the definition appears clarified and loosely translated, inspired in part by Ulpian's phrase, princeps legibus solutus.