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Decosimo's Solvability practice helps government contracting clients compete, comply and capitalize by determining indirect rates to find the most competitive pricing strategies; implementing DCAA-compliant accounting systems; and identifying methods to maximize income and returns for business owners.
Hu, The solvability conditions for the inverse problem of bisymmetric nonnegative definite matrices, J.
The following example demonstrates that wrong conclusions can be reached if the system is not submersive, but nevertheless Theorem 1 is blindly used to check the solvability of the DDP by regular static measurement feedback.
I then developed four categories of solvability based around these average figures.
8] Ndiyo, Etop E (2009): Necessary Conditions for Solvability of hyperbolic Equations in infinite Dimensional Space.
shows solvability of hydrogen in aluminum alloy (Rapp, 2008).
For each type we find a relationship between L and the Cauchy-Reimann operator which gives the solvability of L.
Second, the international recognition of the Kurdish issue, including at the UN level, draws into its necessary solvability not only countries of the said region but also international powers that cannot leave Russia indifferent--as a permanent member of the Security Council--to the events taking place in Kurdistan.
The opening article sees Colin Howson offer us a clear and elegant exposition of his views on such vexed issues as the requirement of countable additivity of degrees of belief, which he ultimately rejects, and the relation between probabilistic coherence and deductive consistency, both of which he takes to be special cases of solvability of a system of equations under a set of constraints.
In that regard, please note that only a couple of knight's-move networks such as these really make good letterplay puzzles; in the entire n-Jog Knight series, in my opinion, only the Four-Jog and Five-Jog Knights meet the three essential criteria of interestingness, challenge, and solvability.
She previously was CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection, a non-profit organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore which has the goal of persuading Americans of both the urgency and solvability of global warming.