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The ability of an individual to pay his or her debts as they mature in the normal and ordinary course of business, or the financial condition of owning property of sufficient value to discharge all of one's debts.


n. 1) having sufficient funds or other assets to pay debts. 2) having more assets than liabilities (debts). The contrast is "insolvency," which may be a basis for filing a petition in bankruptcy. (See: insolvency, bankruptcy)

SOLVENCY. The state of a person who is able to pay all his debts; the opposite of insolvency. (q.v.)

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2] occurs at different temperatures for the different plastisols is attributable to the difference in the solvent power of individual plasticizers.
dis] can be attributed in the solvent power in breaking down the crystallites; the lower the dissolution temperature, the stronger the solvent power.
Marshall's excellent analysis of the problematizing of purgatory under Henry should, however, take fuller measure of the solvent powers of the historical and moral criticism developed by Christian humanism.