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By working in teams students learn how to organize their peers, how to collaboratively identify and solve problems, and how to work within communities of difference.
You have identified an application problem, and have determined that you are short on time or resources to correct it (alternately, that hardware will solve the problem less expensively in the short run).
Innovative problem solvers often will change a system first, in order to solve problems (at least, as they see it).
Each person tends to brand the other as somehow "unable" or "unwilling" to solve a problem, instead of recognizing their diverse cognitive strategies for what they really are: different tools in a mental toolbox, any (perhaps even all) of which may be needed to help resolve a single complex problem.
In the vocabulary of A-I theory, "Problem A" is the original problem that a group has come together to solve; "Problem B" is the automatically inherited problem of managing differences among team members.
They may be able to solve a certain kind of problem very well, but they will be less effective with other types of problems.
A second method is to dump the gel into a hot (108 F) vat of pure Styro Solve. The gel becomes liquefied, permitting food, paper, and other plastics to be strained out.
From the thin liquid streams that emerge from the spinnerettes, the Styro Solve immediately dissolves into the surrounding alcohol bath while the PS precipitates into solid spaghetti-like strands.
Meanwhile, the alcohol can be distilled at 128 F to separate it from the Styro Solve, which boils at 208 F.
Styro Solve typically costs $2730/gal (8 lb), which can gel 48-64 lb of polystyrene.