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Below, Virnelson looks over fingerprint made my students, who use deductive reasoning to solve ``crimes.
In the process, they learn to address several basic questions: How can we use these assets to solve public problems and create public goods?
The trick is to solve the specific bottleneck, so those individual problems get resolved and are scalable, so that as your processing needs increase, you can use the same (or comparable solution) to resolve future bottlenecking issues.
Riverbed Technology is the pioneer in wide area data services (WDS), a fast-growing product category that solves the problems of high latency and low bandwidth that plague a wide variety of applications over distributed networks.
By incorporating Netrics' Intelligent Record Matching(TM) software into its ID Integrator software, part of the Global Data Integration suite, Global IDs can solve the difficult problem of finding similar records across assorted enterprise databases, with heterogeneous, inconsistent and erroneous data.
At forest products company Weyerhaeuser, TechOptimizer is used to help engineers to help solve research problems and discover more efficient ways to run processes.
PortalworkX(TM), Radnet's new Relationship Portal software, allowed IBM to solve the problems of securely managing "many-to-many" relationships in the electronic component industry's interdependent demand generation chain.
Another enhancement aids automotive manufacturers to more reliably solve brake-squeal problems.
founded in 1996, is the first and only company applying code instrumentation, abstract interpretation and semantic analysis to solve the toughest software development and support problems.
With a simple click of the AutoCorrect Button, a non-technical interface is called up to guide the end-user to solve a problem with a series of simple "yes"/"no"/"dont know" questions.
Using Inference's case-based reasoning problem resolution technology, the enhanced First Aid product will locate and solve common PC software and hardware problems, thereby reducing the need for outside technical support or help desk assistance.
The cumulative effect of these new solvers is that customers can solve a wider range of problems faster.