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Using laparoscopy for neurolysis and decompression of somatic nerves affected by endometriosis is a "more accurate and effective treatment" for providing pain relief, Dr.
The authors also suggested that the electrical conductivity and somatic cell count have an additive effect on the loss in daily milk production.
Key Words: Bradford Somatic Inventory, Translation, Validation, Pashto.
The plethora of examples well illustrates the influence of somatic training on education.
The reported prevalence of depression and anxiety among adult primary care patients with any somatic reason for visit has been consistent in the literature.
Keywords: Life Stress, Somatic Symptoms, Adolescents, Gender.
Psychiatry linked to somatic physically floors EK1 (upper basement), E00 (concourse level), E01 and E02.
In addition to emotional variables, certain personality dimensions can exacerbate or reduce the appearance of somatic complaints by exerting an influence on the subjective estimation of different situations in everyday life and the way people react to them (Bobic, 2012).
When there is no somatic embryogenesis in some cotton variety due to its recalcitrant nature then organ cultures are a method of choice to apply genetic engineering techniques.
2010) describes the DCC as the best method to directly determine somatic cell count.
After the discovery of somatic embryogenesis in 1950 now it was possible to have the alternate of conventional zygotic seeds.