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In light of the foregoing, the aim of the current study was to analyze the somatic embryogenesis induction in protocorms from the Phalaenopsis Classic Spotted Pink hybrid at two different physiological maturation stages, namely: 80 and 120 days after seed inoculation (DASI).
Somatic embryogenesis protocol: cotyledons were cultured in culture jars with 20 ml of the somatic induction medium (SIM; Collado et al., 2010) in darkness at 25.0[degrees]C [+ or -] 2.0.
In addition to the techniques and benefits of Somatic Therapy, the author discusses the role of dance and Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) as a part of her personal and professional journey.
"This diagnosis says you have pathology--this somatic disorder--which is making your life miserable," Dr.
(1991) induced somatic embryogenesis from interspecific hybridization generated from cross breeding between C.
Older people may be much more reluctant to express feeling sad and are much more likely to focus on somatic complaints.
By adding somatic BRCA1/2 blood testing, Circulogene can now perform paired somatic and germline testing.
"If we can detect somatic mutations for each iPSC line on an individual basis, we can use that information to prioritize iPSC lines for models of specific human diseases and/or transplantation therapies."
Endometriosis that extends into somatic nerves and the sacral roots is a common cause of pelvic pain, Dr.
The focus of this succinct review is on leiomyomas of deep somatic soft tissue.
In-depth evaluation of high confidence somatic variants was performed by verifying the presence of alternate allele on the normal counterpart and manually visualizing each variation with the tview function of SAMmtools.