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For mastitis diagnosis, it is important to investigate the relationships between electrical conductivity of milk in different milking phases with milk somatic cell count, productivity and mastitis and to evaluate an influence of various factors on milk electrical conductivity changes.
The donor somatic cell karyoplast is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency of somatic cell animal cloning.
Correlation Between Geographical Region and Somatic Cell Count of Healthy and Infected Breast Milk Using ANOVA Test
Similarly, if somatic cell nuclei are injected into the cytoplasm of an egg, for instance during cloning procedures, they also underwent a remodeling process that results intranscriptional reprogramming of the transplanted nucleus (Wade and Kikyo, 2002).
A better understanding of the mechanism by which somatic cells are reprogrammed into pluripotent cells is critical to ongoing work to understand and to treat disease.
Our study resulted in the production of cloned mice by somatic cell NT using piezo-actuated micromanipulator.
Factors influencing somatic cell score in Swiss dairy production systems.
Electronic somatic cell count and Somaticell[R] had a significant correlation in all conditions, except in mild SCC samples represented mainly by SCC score 2 (167-418 x [10.
dairy processor exporting to the EU will need to certify that each individual farm that supplies milk for those exports complies with the EU's maximum somatic cell count (SCC) limit of 400,000 per milliliter of cow's milk.
According to Al Darmaki, the farms' supplied raw milk must also go through additional screening procedures at the laboratory, using a Swedish-made Somatic Cell Counter.
Embryogenesis and blastocyst development after somatic cell nuclear transfer in nonhuman primates: overcoming defects caused by meiotic spindle extraction.