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Thus, the depression severity, level of general psychopathology and distress, tendency to somatosensory amplification, and tendency to interpret somatic sensations by somatic, psychological, or normal causes were significantly higher in alexithymic patients than in non-alexithymic patients.
So-called mindfulness-based and emotion-focused therapies assist patients in developing a more robust awareness and understanding of their emotions, including the somatic sensations of emotion (see Related Resources).
PCT includes psychoeducation, cognitive strategies, and exposure-based procedures designed to reduce fear of somatic sensations and agoraphobic situations.
I will pursue these suggestions about somatic imaginings and somatic sensations in Part III.
Albucher noted that panic patients are typically sensitive to somatic sensations and may have low tolerance for side effects, which in his experience has made the anticholinergic qualities of paroxetine problematic.