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Asaad, supra note 13, at 130 ("A patient with Somatization Disorder .
We found that Puerto Ricans had more somatization disorder, but less affective and alcohol disorders as compared with US-born Mexican Americans or non-Hispanic whites.
The fourth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) lists five specific somatoform disorders: (1) somatization disorders, which are characterized by many physical complaints that affect many organ systems, (2) hypochondrias, which are characterized by a belief by the patient that some specific disease exists, (3) body dysmorphic disorder, which is characterized by a false or exaggerated belief that some body part is defective, (4) pain disorder, which is characterized by pain that is solely related to or significantly exaggerated by psychological factors, and (5) conversion disorder, which is characterized by one or more neurologic complaints (e.
It is important to diligently assess for common psychiatric comorbidities; using the AMPS and CARE MD mnemonics, along with screening for somatization disorders, is an easy and effective way to evaluate for relevant psychiatric conditions associated with chronic head pain.
Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder presenting as Somatization Disorder.
11) A diagnosis of somatization disorder, in particular, depends largely on a subjective interpretation of whether or not the presenting symptoms have a physical cause.
SOMS-7 is a 53 items scale that provides rating of symptoms' severity of Somatization Disorder on five-point Likert scale ranges from not at all (0) to very severe (4) (Rief and Hiller, 2003).
Cognitive--behavioral treatment has also shown to be an important method for symptom and cost reduction for somatization disorder patients (Allen et al.
Hypnotherapy and an Alter Personality: A Case of Somatization Disorder.
When investigators revisited patients who had somatization disorder in one study, they found less than a quarter had somatization a year later.