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The Heat-Carter formula was used to identify the somatotype (Carter & Heath 1990).
Using FMS to evaluate functional movement patterns of the simplified somatotype categories would provide a better understanding of the relationship between somatotype classification and fundamental movement abilities.
The anthropometric variables were measured as stature, body mass, sums of eight skinfolds, six girths, five lengths, five breadths, four somatotype values, along with hand grip and back strengths.
At age 5 years, little difference was found between the somatotypes of girls who did and did not report later abuse.
These formulas resulted in a somatotype rating for each participant on each of the somatotype scales.
Of importance, two factors influencing men's perception of the somatotype that constitutes a sexually attractive male body and their level of body image investment were media depicting the bodies that women desire and body-related information from prospective sexual partners.
The magnitude and rate of forces applied to the skeleton are determined by the velocity of the segments in motion, number of repetitions, and muscular activity, as well as by boundary conditions such as the individual's somatotype, fitness level, performance surface, climate/ weather, and shoe type [48-50].
For example, is a tall and/or muscular somatotype inevitably, invariably threatening?
Like samples from the Burgess shale, 9,000 somatotype photos and negatives of Yale University students were in storage, in this case at the Smithsonian Institution.
To represent the participants' somatotype, the Rohrer index and Livi index (Yoon, 1987) were calculated based on the participants' anthropometric dimensions, and these data also appear in Table 1.