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Somber mother with eyes the shade of wood, somber father who never knew
VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday voiced solidarity with Egypt's Coptic Christians two days after they marked a somber Christmas following a deadly New Year's Day church bombing.
This series of 58 engravings based on the Passion and death of Christ, executed in somber gray and black in his unmistakable stained glass motif, expresses his understanding of redemptive suffering.
These motifs are woven gracefully throughout the story, and this projection of plot elements onto the scenery of the book works well with the somber but poetic tone of the narrative.
A handful of black-and-white photographs, and somber reflections upon the outcome to Hurricane Katrina's wrath round out this reverent reflection upon not only the celebrated Mississippi, but also humankind's inextricable bond to the natural world.
Despite the somber nature of the theme, the story is filled with funny incidents.
Reeder, known for his humorous pieces, contributed a somber, Tudoresque work for seven dancers.
In the stark and somber Good Friday liturgy, we listen to Jesus cry out from the cross, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (v.
In somber news, the Northern California skate scene lost two good ones in the past month.
At first glance her sculpture looks somber and conjures the sacred, and the works shown here, in an exhibition titled "Chor" (Choir)--her first US solo appearance--explicitly address the psychic space and physical furniture of the church: Weisz's carved busts, and their limewood medium, recall the religious statuary of old Europe, and their arrangement along benches suggests both the ornamented pews of early houses of worship and the people who might once have sat there--women in cowls and butterfly headdresses, men in monklike habits or lavish fur bonnets.
Despite the somber source material, Buzz thinks that any movie that involves Vaseline and frat boys can't be a complete downer.
This is a sad and somber setting at best, making it all the more difficult to identify true depression in a resident.