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But I was aware that there was a somberness," he said.
A somberness of spirit that I was never to lose settled over me during the slow years of my mother's unrelieved suffering, a somberness that was to make me stand apart and look upon excessive joy with suspicion, that was to make me selfconscious, that was to make me keep forever on the move, as though to escape a nameless fate seeking to overtake me.
Despite the somberness, there were signs of hope in seeing how outcast women are helping each other to improve their living conditions with the support of the Presbyterian Church in Ghana and PWS&D.
Despite the somberness of smashed front ends, Cracked windshields and a bullet-riddled door, How dated and naive those children seem, Behind the wheel or taken for a ride, Now that ivy has climbed in the back seats And water stagnates in the pickup beds Where, once, in parking lots or country, roads Our discontinued parents ground their gears.
Her elegant clear voice delivers the material simply and directly, and her deliberate pacing matches the somberness of the narrative.
I considered opening the window curtain to ease the terrible somberness, but felt hesitant about disturbing the room in any way.
The somberness of the Wisconsin woods seemed strangely comforting to me.
For a change, the sadness and somberness that comes with these memorial ceremonies gave way to some smiles and even a few laughs inside the Pentagon.
Gianna Marinai-Davy was suitably cold in the role of Myrtha, and guest artist Le Mai Linh (of Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley) brought an elegant somberness to Albrecht.
O ther readers have been disturbed by the relative somberness with which Mandragola closes, as Fra Timoteo rushes the participants off into the church and tells us not to wait, since we won't see the players again.
Councilmember Cleland, a mental health administrator who is involved in helping the community cope with the incident in Littleton, described the somberness in both her state and community after the shooting as she led the PSCP Steering Committee's discussions on gun control measures.
In almost every sequence, bizarre metaphoric moments punctuate the overall somberness and become satirical reminders of human folly and moral ambivalence.