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These rooms appeared to be much more modern than the central part of the house, and the bright paper and numerous candles did something to remove the sombre impression which our arrival had left upon my mind.
The room was large, and sombre with dark woods and hangings like the hall; but through the west window the sun threw a long shaft of gold across the floor, gleamed dully on the tarnished brass andirons in the fireplace, and touched the nickel of the telephone on the great desk in the middle of the room.
There was a light in the ferry-house window opposite: which streamed across the road, and threw into more sombre shadow a dark yew-tree with graves beneath it.
It was very large, very cold, damp and sombre, with places in the manner of wooden boxes where people had to sleep, one above another, and it kept on rocking all ways at once all the time.
Of these experiences he was unwilling to speak: they seemed to have seared into his soul a sombre sort of wonder and indignation.
But neither did; and I remained, every fear of indiscretion lost in the sense of my enormous remoteness from their captivity within the sombre horizon of Russian problems, the boundary of their eyes, of their feelings--the prison of their souls.
The sombre humours of her brother's friend left her unaffected, as though that bitterness, that suppressed anger, were the signs of an indignant rectitude.
Haldin, her hands, her whole figure had the stillness of a sombre painting.
sombre "Babylights": To achieve "babylights", or micro-highlights, I like to separate hair into super-small sections that may be 3 or 4 hairs each.
Amid the turmoil of militant attacks, political crisis and a deadly fire disaster, Queen Elizabeth said Britain was in a deeply sombre mood but that its people were resolute in the face of adversity.
FUNERALS are becoming a celebration of someone's life rather than sombre occasions, with themes including Halloween or superhero, a report reveals.
If possible, wear sombre and respectful clothing when in public" Around one million visits by British nationals are made to Thailand each year.