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Among men under age 35, 91 percent are dads already or say they think they would like to have children someday.
Justin Bieber's women's fragrance, Someday,has won the Consumers' Choice category at the Fifi Awards in New York.
If Cyprus with a public debt of 65 per cent to gross domestic product may need "someday a haircut, then any country in the world, including Germany with its debt which is over 80 per cent of GDP, may need a haircut someday," the official added.
Someday came together and the result was an excellent shooting .
Peter Cameron has recently published a delightful novel entitled Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You.
Someday is the day I will publish my fifth book -- even if, for now, I have yet to send out my first book proposal.
The father said things are going well at the track now, but "let's face it, someday something will happen.
You often meld the political and spiritual in Someday, stating that your political work is largely grounded in your spirituality.
I hope someday to be as big as children dream of being and to live the freedom and the courage they demonstrate.
As a native of Moscow, Russia, I would not ever have dreamed that someday I would be studying for my master's degree as a Fulbright Scholar in Chicago, attending the International Camping Congress in Mexico City, and more importantly, progressing step-by-step toward my ultimate goal of working in the camp field.
When Mikhail Baryshnikov created his Baryshnikov Arts Center last year, the hope was that someday its painters, choreographers, musicians, and directors would feed off one another and push their work in new directions.
On the day the galleys for my upcoming novel lump at the Sun arrived, I realized my daughter's newfound literacy also means something else, something potentially less positive: someday soon, my daughter will be reading my work.