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The child had no more to do than several others, but she was somehow in the foreground.
Well, my father was a strange man; he somehow combined Fanshaw's superstition with a good deal of my scepticism--they were always fighting in him; and after my first voyages, he developed a notion which he thought somehow would settle finally whether the curse was truth or trash.
One was: "Knock these fellows down somehow and tie them up, whoever they are; there's rope down by those faggots.
I am not afraid of your brother-in-law, or of the bully he takes about with him, and I am going to see your daughter somehow or other, and I am going to marry her before very long.
There was little expression in them, and yet he felt that somehow they meant so much.
Because, in the first place, he somehow seemed dull of hearing on that important subject, unless considered from his own point of view; and, in the second place, he did not more than one third understand me, couch my ideas simply as I would; and, finally, he no doubt thought he knew a good deal more about the true religion than I did.
And when this morning I again saw I knew it would be because you had - and also then, from the first moment, because you somehow wanted me.
The style is the man, and he cannot hide himself in any garb of words so that we shall not know somehow what manner of man he is within it; his speech betrayeth him, not only as to his country and his race, but more subtly yet as to his heart, and the loves and hates of his heart.
I judged she had somehow failed to get the first innings -- I mean in the conversation; otherwise the interview wouldn't have been so short.
You don't seem to know anything, somehow -- perfect saphead.
Yet somehow you seemed to be threatening me with your tiny finger.
But, somehow, I do not like having to go without tea, for everyone else here is respectable, and the fact makes me ashamed.