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And what on earth was in the water when someone floated the idea for Richard Hammond Builds A Planet (BBC One Wales, Sunday, 9pm)?
Regardless of the time of the lecture, someone needs a nap.
AT LAST, someone with a prominent role in racing has mentioned reality.
I'm excited about the signing and surprised to get a chance for someone of his calibre to join us," said Smith.
If you can, why not book a treatment and let someone take care of you for a change.
For many years I had the same difficulties that Americans often have trying to integrate into Swiss culture; I knew plenty of people, but few of those friendships seemed to really click like they do when you're with someone who shares the same language and background.
For only EUR900 you can get membership to the club and it will certainly put a smile on someones face this Christmas.
gay life Go ahead, try to find Someones for everyone.
One lady said, we all use the same password so we can remind each other if we forget, or we need to get into someones PC when they are on holiday".
In both cases, someone -- or a group of someones -- decided their company had to be made to look better than it really was, quickly and without expense.
NEW YORK-Many consumers have a hard time finding the perfect gift for that special someone, especially if there are several special someones on their shopping lists.
If you cut someones throat in front of me right now, I would say that is normal, normal," one of the former policemen was quoted as saying.