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I think that, generally speaking, people having affairs are looking for something that they're not getting.
If you do something cinematic or pop-culturally oriented, it might draw people in.
Something is wrong, and perhaps it can be measured concretely in a lack of vocations or in fallen Mass attendance.
When God takes on a human face and a name, something extraordinary happens.
Later on, Tom Eccles approached me about the idea of doing something for the Public Art Fund, and I was still in a "Utopia Station" mode and suggested this to him.
Maybe the nail-biting is a symptom of something deeper.
DeQuandis: DeQuandis would do something nice and then quickly tell you he did something nice.
Find something that inspires you and hit the drawing board.
Q: Name something you might take from a hotel as a souvenir.
A writer I know recently described something as "gayer than reading the new issue of Details in your leather chaps.