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Look here, Sancho, I would readily fix thy wages if I had ever found any instance in the histories of the knights-errant to show or indicate, by the slightest hint, what their squires used to get monthly or yearly; but I have read all or the best part of their histories, and I cannot remember reading of any knight-errant having assigned fixed wages to his squire; I only know that they all served on reward, and that when they least expected it, if good luck attended their masters, they found themselves recompensed with an island or something equivalent to it, or at the least they were left with a title and lordship.
Could it have been then, that when I asked him whether he desired to go to this heaven of bread-fruit, cocoanuts, and young ladies, which he had been describing, he answered by saying something equivalent to our old adage--'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'?
I believe that all races at some seasons wear something equivalent to the shirt.
But we still have the same stance that they haven't satisfied planning guidance that says if they build on it they have to replace it with something equivalent or better.
Jagdeesh said: "I believe there should be a memorial garden or something equivalent set up in Coventry, to both remember her and for the ongoing critical messages of her life to be made into a continuing and permanent message for all society in and outside Coventry.
It isn't clear to me that there is something equivalent in terms of the ability to consume inks, but something in the wearables or IoT space is somewhere to look.
Aquino said the public's negative view of the DSWD as something equivalent to calamities and disasters had changed in the past five to six years.
Owning a motorbike was something equivalent to an American teenager owning a Pontiac or a Mustang.
You have to have the 40-hour course from the FBI in basic hostage negotiations or something equivalent.
NFL team have the freedom of speech to refer to the team using any name they want, other than something equivalent to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.