something equivalent

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I believe that all races at some seasons wear something equivalent to the shirt.
You have to have the 40-hour course from the FBI in basic hostage negotiations or something equivalent.
NFL team have the freedom of speech to refer to the team using any name they want, other than something equivalent to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.
Whether combat is the dark side of the same version, or only something equivalent in intensity, I simply don't know.
Fabius emphasized that the sanctions must affect everyone and urged the United Kingdom to "do something equivalent with the assets of the Russian oligarchs in London.
2 BJORK (Flow Festival, Helsinki, August 12) | (and about 30,000 others) stood outside on a beautiful night to listen to Bjerk deliver her Biophilia performance, along with something equivalent to a sermon.
Noor's goal is not a medal or something equivalent.
As a woman my main challenge is to show that women can do something equivalent to what men are doing.
I told him he did not need to bring anything but if he wanted to bring anything to bring something equivalent to the value of the gift that he brought.
The pages, by serving something equivalent to the roles of altar boy and usher, help set a tone of nobility.
because it relegates them to something equivalent to a municipality," said Rae.