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Sometimes the boy thought they must all be inventions, a pack of lies.
You wouldn't sleep much, if I should tell you things I've seen,--things that he tells of, sometimes, for good jokes.
The river is not always allowed to spread over its whole bed--which is as much as thirty, and sometimes forty yards wide--but is split into three equal bodies of water, by stone dikes which throw the main volume, depth, and current into the central one.
Yo' pappy would sell him to somebody, sometime, en den he'd go down de river, sho', en I couldn't, couldn't, couldn't stan' it.
replied Lucy; "I wonder at that, for I thought you must have seen her at Norland sometimes.
Sometimes they were pictures of dark, curious landscapes, but oftenest they were portraits of men and women in queer, grand costumes made of satin and velvet.
Mostly a-foot,' he rejoined; 'sometimes in carts along with people going to market; sometimes in empty coaches.
I've got to find the Wizard and Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and all the rest sometime before night comes, if I poss'bly can.
Then might she hope with a real hope, for the fields would give her sustenance which she could gain by night, while by day she hid among the surrounding hills, and sometime, yes, sometime she knew, the searchers would come, for John Carter, Warlord of Barsoom, would never cease to search for his daughter until every square haad of the planet had been combed again and again.
I'll have to marry sometime, I suppose, but I shall put off the evil day as long as I can.
Look in sometime when you're that way, and we'll have a bit of lunch together, and just at present take my advice.
We'll put on the gloves sometime and see," Martin said with a smile.