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Sometimes the banks were overhung with thick masses of willows that wholly hid the ground behind; sometimes we had noble hills on one hand, clothed densely with foliage to their tops, and on the other hand open levels blazing with poppies, or clothed in the rich blue of the corn-flower; sometimes we drifted in the shadow of forests, and sometimes along the margin of long stretches of velvety grass, fresh and green and bright, a tireless charm to the eye.
Ah hindi lang ako specific kung kelan pero its in between, kasi yung Marawi while ongoing iyun may mga naka-puslit kasi eh so sometime siguro ano, October (2017) man yung liberation, sometime September (I'm not just specific when it was but its between, Marawi while its ongoing some were able slipped out so maybe sometime, the liberation was October, so its sometime September)," Suscano said.
Competition Chair Arsenio Balisacan said in a forum on Wednesday that a group inside the antitrust body was working on the proposal, which is expected to be proposed to the commissioners sometime in the first half of this year.
Akram Durrani said that sometime he is dragged in judiciary, sometime in media.
The supply of gas, which had been suspended due to loadshedding, wss restored sometime during the night, causing gas to fill the room.
A concept car is likely to preview sometime in 2017 but a production version is not likely to be launched until sometime in 2018.
Sometime early August I'll start my training camp preparing to fight Klitschko or Pulev.
Jiri Rusnok said that the bank is expecting to remove its floor for the crown currency's strength sometime in the second half of 2017.
That temporary tower should arrive at the airport sometime late Saturday and is expected be operational sometime Monday.
The incident occurred sometime yesterday but an exact time is not known.
That's an important question to ask, and one that could already have an answer despite the fact that the PS4 won't be released until sometime this coming holiday season.
2 update sometime in June this year, and the roll out will vary according to region and operators.