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The fact is, I may need the money I have saved for Berneval for somewhere else.
We must now return, as novelists say, and as we all wish they wouldn't, to the man from Somewhere.
Advertisement and inquiry discovered the son in the man from Somewhere, and at the present moment, he is on his way home from there--no doubt, in a state of great astonishment--to succeed to a very large fortune, and to take a wife.
There was formerly a student in Heidelberg who had picked up somewhere and mastered a peculiar trick of cutting up under instead of cleaving down from above.
Thus I well remember a three days' run got out of a little barque of 400 tons somewhere between the islands of St.
The man repeated the names slowly and distinctly, as if to fix them in the memories of his audience, every member of which was now attentively observing him, but with a slackened apprehension regarding his possible companions somewhere in the darkness that seemed to enclose us like a black wall; in the manner of this volunteer historian was no suggestion of an unfriendly purpose.
I have read somewhere," laughed Anne, "that the first child is a poem but the tenth is very prosy prose.
He must have climbed up the rose-trellis or somewhere, and of course he can get right into the house through the east window in the attic.
Throw up everything, she and I, and hide ourselves somewhere alone with our love," he said to himself.
Somewhere Hotels in Barsha Heights, Dubai has recently opened its latest food and beverage outlet, #Somewhere Coffee Shop.
I Somewhere in Florence a bowl of lemons sits on a terrace.
TUNE INTO BIRDSONG Birds need four things - something to eat/drink, somewhere to shelter, somewhere to wash and somewhere to breed.