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Testis is composed of a large number of somniferous tubules which sperm is made up of its mature walls surrounding this tubules intertubular connective tissues there is interstitial cells known as Leydig cell which secrete hormones responsible for the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics.
Ingestion of hexavalent chromium compounds produces uncertain levels of degeneration in the outer most cellular layers in several somniferous tubules reducing the number of sperm count and spermatogonia per tubule leading to considerable increases in the morphologically abnormal sperms percentage.
After initiation of tissue disentanglement, the somniferous tubules' fragments were separated from interstitial cells by centrifugation at 100xg for 1 min, and the supernatant, containing mostly the interstitial cells, was discarded.
And while this is a gentleman's club on wheels, the crucial difference is that unlike rooms of leathery somniferous calm, technical evolution means it is not the waiting room for extinction.