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Now, Nell had still the piece of gold sewn in her dress; and when she came to consider the lateness of the hour, and the somnolent habits of Mrs Jarley, and to imagine the state of consternation in which they would certainly throw that good lady by knocking her up in the middle of the night--and when she reflected, on the other hand, that if they remained where they were, and rose early in the morning, they might get back before she awoke, and could plead the violence of the storm by which they had been overtaken, as a good apology for their absence--she decided, after a great deal of hesitation, to remain.
They climb in as excited as can be imagining The Lost World, a giant spider's lair, oh, to be so young and free laughing and smiling in the somnolent air.
It's a stretch of spring into summer that's going to be anything but somnolent.
A comparison or contrast might be made now with gold, which has also been in a somnolent state, at around $1200 per ounce, located thereabouts at both beginning and end of the year.
And the Congress party, always on the back foot, weighed down by corruption and a somnolent term in office, is compelled to rouse itself from its self created stupefaction, to yet again defend the indefensible.
The somnolent, sensual allure of "Touch" makes sense when you meet its creator, a woman who spends most of our chat either wrapped up duvet-style in her oversized olive blazer or lying semi-prostrate on a coffee shop couch.
Wall Street's oracles were so somnolent in their bullish groupthink that the Volatility Index had plummeted to 11, near its all-time lows, even as the skies darkened over the financial world.
We may be moving into the somnolent summer months, where the temperature soars and afternoon siestas are the rule, but that doesn't mean there's a dearth of events for all you culture vultures out there.
Although the report called England's attack as orthodox, methodical and somnolent, it softened its stance by saying that the tactic was only a means to an end for the hosts, who added 162 as the Australian bowlers tired and frayed in the last session, adding that the Lord's Test magnified the gap in class between the teams.
Among the topics are safe road trains for the environment that reduce fuel consumption through a lower aerodynamic drag coefficient, low-cost autonomous vehicles for urban environments, system design and objective testing results for vehicle safety communications, a semi-autonomous system for testing with somnolent drivers, integrating controller design for path following in autonomous vehicles, and autonomous vehicle control in an urban environment by detecting map-based driving lanes.
One thing is certain, however: at the AOP we are vigilant, and we are no longer the somnolent organisation of yesteryear.
News of the great Aussie mare quickens the somnolent pulse, restores a little colour to the cheeks.