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Sonitus, however, is developing a new generation in-mouth device for the ATAC that will fit into a custom-moulded Invisiline mouth guard from which it can be removed and passed on to another user who will have their own personal mouth guard: obviously meaning that the electronic components will have to be sterilised.
Fit sonitus spumante salo ; iamque arua tenebant 210ardentisque oculos suffecti sanguine et igni sibila lambebant linguis uibrantibus ora.
lt;<Sicut in illis ubi Nilus ab illa, quae Catapulta nominatur, praecipitat ex altissimis montibus, ea gens, quae illum locum accolit, propter magnitudinem sonitus sensu audiendi caret>> [Cic.
188): 'fit sonitus, mussantque oras et limina circum'.
Other acts include No Komment, In Sonitus Lux, the Jugtime Rag Band, Ashley Rivera and Mr.
La prima reazione e quella del mare spumeggiante: fit sonitus in se e per se non specifica di quale suono si tratti, ma l'accostamento allitterante dell'ablativo spumante salo, che per Horsfall e <<an approximation to synaesthesia (acoustic/visual) in the hissing created by the foaming>> (57), e che indica un mare in burrasca, fa capire che si tratta di un suono superiore a quello delle onde di un mare tempestoso.
Sonitus Medical, Inc, has licensed the technology and may have an interest in the results of this study.