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This chapter bears out the changing use of sonority (p.
The onset is the initial phase of the syllable which precedes the nucleus and is represented by consonants, following the sonority sequencing of the syllable structure.
The first is "a sonority hierarchy of generalizauon which determines that syllables are most sonorous at the nucleus and diminish in sonority as distance from the nucleus increases: obstruent [right arrow] nasal [right arrow] liquid [right arrow] glide [right arrow] vowel [right arrow] glide [right arrow] liquid a nasal [right arrow] obstruent" (Selkirk,1982, cited in Osburne, 1996, p.
This syllable type is found to carry the maximal sonority and sound contrast at the minimal cost of vocal effort.
And while we were able to control for the sonority of initial and final consonants, we were unable to completely control for voicing.
The UBC Symphony Orchestra supported the singers with good tempi and sonority, even though at times the brass and percussion overshadowed the soloists.
She explains SCF through the set of rules in (4), which account for any syllabic consonant except those occurring next to consonants of higher sonority ranks (e.
Daniels sings with a bold, thrusting, masculine sonority and ripples nonchalantly through the roller-coaster roulades in which the 18th-century music abounds.
I will be using two such criteria in my analyses of the Rands songs: (1) Pre fer the collection that is most clearly projected by the immediate context of the motive or sonority in question.
The slight edge and asperity this imparts to their phrasing and articulation is well integrated into the full vocal sonority with its highly characteristic tang and reediness, married to a very direct but rarely harsh attack.
But the high-decibel percussion was clangorous and hardly had the rich sonority of a Horowitz or Cliburn.
While some of the regard for this piece is due to its usefulness in programme building at an active time of the year for choirs, the motet's particular qualities of sonority have also done much to endear it to singers and listeners alike.