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Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman at his most sonorously imperious), who, with his assistant Vivien Thomas (Mos Def, who nicely underplays many obvious scenes) and Dr.
As his sworn enemy, Tamora, gloriously titled Queen of the Goths, Maureen Beattie is again a star turn, becoming more sonorously Scottish as the number of characters diminishes.
What it wants are exactly what Hawkes calls 'graceless apercus sonorously paraded as argument'" (266).
The Gypsy Mascarenhas, who was also bedecked with beads and spangles and had gaudy earrings hanging from his ears, pulsed his four-string guitar still more sonorously, the flutes and Spanish guitars groaned, and Vadinho took his place in the samba with that exemplary enthusiasm he brought to everything he did except work.
Although the Authorised King James Version is ostensibly the production of a learned committee of churchmen, it is mostly cribbed from Tyndale with some reworking of his translation, largely to make it more grand and formal so that it might be read more sonorously in great churches.
During the strategy sessions, association members will question whether the emerging position is in their interest, You'll probably hear Benjamin Franklin sonorously quoted: "We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.
Particularly something as rich, soulful, and sonorously productive as black expression.
The film stars Burroughs as, for example, a CEO sonorously intoning at the British Film Institute board room in front of hand-copied hieroglyphs from the Egyptian Book of the Dead; as a combat soldier in an "orgasm attack" firing Ping-Pong balls at framed family photographs; and as a stoned drug addict zoo visitor staring down a vulture.
Observe how morte sonorously returns us to the earlier monotone, and how the very ordinary "Deca, dela" taps into the poet's purpose; though the locution designates diverse locations, deca and dela sound so alike, almost identical: a change of place that may bring only sterile sameness.
are beautiful or sonorously uttered, or because of their irrefutable
Fraser's rather sonorously titled new book Ornament and Silence marks a shift in focus.
Nowadays, when the passing of almost any Tom, Dick, or Harry is sonorously proclaimed as the end of an era, even the phrase, let alone the concept, has become a sadly devalued currency.