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I'm thinking of the spatial arrangements in his poems, the length of his lines and minimal use of punctuation, the associative drift of his surrealist attention, the sonorousness of his Spanish, his trust in circularities ("Sunstone") and white spaces ("Blanco"), in presences that defy narrative closure.
Sensory consonance also depends on sonorousness (or Klanghaftigkeit, the perceptual clarity of the pitch or pitches evoked by a sonority), sharpness (depending on the amount of high-frequency energy in the sonority), and loudness (loud sounds tend to be more dissonant than quiet sounds) (Aures 1985b and 1985c).
The consonance of a sonority is modeled here in terms of the variables roughness (Rauhigkeit) and sonorousness (Klanghaftigkeit, often translated as tonalness)--the main aspects of Terhardt's sensory consonance.
Bidart manages this through the intensity of his voice, which admits no irony or humor or any particular sonorousness as it somehow still captivates.
There is, in addition, a curious view that Swinburne's poetry approaches a condition of pure sound, sonorousness for the sake of sonorousness.
The acoustic mimicries imposed in such poems upon the proper name of a lyric addressee pose the question of Swinburne's scandal in a new way, where lyric language becomes untethered from the controlling designs of a speaker or a persona whose processes of thought or contours of feeling might be taken to dictate the poem's sonorousness.