soon to happen

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I had no thought that night--none, I am quite sure--of what was soon to happen to me.
As the wheel of fortune keeps turning, we are so close to our traditional ways, I feel it won't be too long before we win a trophy, it's time we all enjoyed better days, Just to see Everton, again winners, that's soon to happen, I'm sure, Seeing our team lifting silverware, that's something I really long for.
Earlier Acorah had been on Twitter wishing his 18,000 followers a good weekend - unaware of the incident which was soon to happen.
The swim portion was my biggest concern, my fear of not making the cut off time and being eliminated from the race, plagued me to the point I just about talked myself into accepting that this was soon to happen," says Guller.
In today's column for Dnevnik, ex MP Nikola Popovski announces that something very important is soon to happen to Macedonia's citizens.
In addition, he said the new tuition rates will reflect costs from construction soon to happen at a few schools to accommodate the programs, from renovating a building to installing new bathrooms.
Some companies will be treating the soon to happen "more unified European market" seriously.