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Night and day the shadow would have been over me, and sooner or later his chance must have come.
I might as well tell you all," she resumed after a pause, "for I see that it is in my heart to tell you sooner or later.
He might hesitate; but, if he was really fond of Emily, the anonymous letter would sooner or later bring him to Monksmoor.
It was only due to my good guardian and friend that I should take him into my confidence sooner or later.
She will see to it that sooner or later they are duly discovered.
You might go on believing for a time, but sooner or later you would be bound to begin to doubt and worry and torment yourself.
If I were to give in now, sooner or later that suspicion would come to you.
Governor Jose Dario Uribe said that conditions in the markets would push down the value of the currency, sooner or later.
Sooner or later, this will be a major issue for California.
He added: "It's not inevitable, but the probability is that sooner or later one of these groups will get through.
This is why we call them "rational markets": Sooner or later they catch up.