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Here in Suffolk we produce over 50 million soothers a year.
We are yet to conduct our investigation to identify the cause of the problem, but we take any complaints about baby products extremely seriously, which is why we have taken the decision to recall the soothers as a precaution.
This anti-ageing complex also contains glycolic acid, three humectants, anti-oxidants and skin soothers and conditioners.
For more information, write to Emily Skin Soothers, Inc.
The phrase 'born with a silver spoon' may become archaic as toddler decadence reaches new levels with these blinged soothers from baby brand, Aristabrats.
com/ where parents can download podcasts, watch videos, learn and share tips on soothing as well as become "certified soothers.
Twinkle Tots managing director Hamzah Islam and adviser Wendy Brown with eight-month-old Freya and one of the thermometer soothers.
However, Halls will also continue with its Soothers 'kiss it better' identity, he says, noting that customers seeking comforting or stimulating medicated confectionery solutions took the original Halls Soothers and Mentholyptus variants to the number one and two positions in the medicated confectionery market this year [ACNielsen 12 w/e September 3, 2005].
There will be the usual mix of managed anarchy, which seems to have become my trademark over many years of broadcasting in the West Midlands, with a few new features and a brand new giveaway - Boyden's Sunday Soothers (a new type of sweet that will send your tongue a tasteful shade of green, purple and blue if you suck too hard
The most powerful soothers are the ones that mimic what babies knew inside the womb.
Paula Brightwell, 39, was told she would be arrested if she set foot in a Sainbury's branch again, despite offering to pay for the Soothers.
The dead can't defend themselves, soothers have to do it for them.