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This extra gentle, oil–free moisturiser cools and soothes persistent redness.
And then we must seek to be the one who consoles, who soothes and brings balm and the oil of healing and gladness to others.
com found that 90 per cent of respondents believe that music has the ability to soothe their runners, and 70 per cent use music in their barns.
This cream not only soothes facial skin but has an anti ageing action.
ALOE VERA - Many people are already familiar with aloe vera's ability to soothe minor burns.
Cactus Peppermint foot scrub ($12) soothes tired feet with peppermint oil for a refreshing effect.
A Sleep Pillow: A great gift for new mothers to soothe an infant into a calm, peaceful sleep by making a sleep pillow.
BIOTONE Body Lush Hydrating Wrap is rich in natural moisturizing and healing ingredients: Wheat Germ moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin.
Mildly soothes, softens and moisturises sun-parched skin, but doesn't reduce reddening dramatically.
Viviano once told her family she has lived so long because she never married, took a glass of vermouth daily, and swallowed the occasional teaspoon of Vaseline, ``which cleans, soothes, heals and disinfects.
With regular consumption, AloeCure(TM) organic aloe juice helps maintain normal stomach acidity, soothes the digestive tract and promotes better nutrient absorption.