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Let's hope his soothsaying powers have improved since 2010 when he gave an upbeat assessment of Liverpool's then new signing Joe Cole.
The report adds that while the soothsaying cephalopod correctly predicted the results of every match Germany played at the last FIFA World Cup, along with the result of the final, he developed a cult following in the process.
James added that the script also contained a type of soothsaying wizard character, but joked that he'd be "nothing like Obi-Wan Kenobi".
They are possessed of the gift that was recognized in old Russia as the mark of the 'holy fool', that pilgrim or ragged beggar whose very presence affected people living 'normal' lives and whose soothsaying and self-negation was always at variance with the ideas and established rules of the world at large.
Cowardice on the battlefield and soothsaying are both fundamental denials of accountability--whether the accountability of a soldier to his peers and superiors or of individuals for their own futures.
In Atlantis, Hercules has joined forces with studious Pythagoras (Robert Emms) and heroic Jason (Jack Donnelly), whose quest to find his father has led him to the strange and mysterious land of Atlantis, full of mythical creatures, soothsaying oracles and palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants.
Atlantis focuses on a young lad called Jason who, while searching for his missing father, is washed up on the shores of a mysterious land, a place where mythical creatures, soothsaying oracles and palaces seemingly built by giants are commonplace.
And not only will I use my soothsaying powers to tell you where they will finish pre-split, I will also reveal how many points they will accumulate, how many goals they'll score, how many they'll concede and how many clean sheets they will keep.
Other authors had used the same texts to rebuke their kings and princes for their interest in prophecy, necromancy, and soothsaying.
He [King Mannaseh] caused his son to pass through the fire of sacrifice, he also practised soothsaying and divination and set up mediums and spirit guides.
This repudiation of popular soothsaying sets the epic's historical-prophetic infrastructure into relief.
The instinctual soothsaying did worry the elders in the family and young Janvi was hushed up by her mother from foretelling the future.