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This, then, would be a positive, dialectical kind of idealism capable of Progress (and real dialectical synthesis) in the real background of the said negative totality--again, akin to constituting a solid island or continent in the greatly paradoxical oceanic surroundings--, in contrast to mere syllogism and solipsism, dogmatism and sophism, absolutivism and relativism.
Failure to perceive this transformation is the fundamental sophism I see in all the reductionisms of contemporary sociobiology and evolutionary psychology.
The revolution too is a never-finished, infinite division, condemned to sophism and dissection" (46).
As Babbitt notes, Rousseau is essentially the resurrection of ancient Greek sophism.
He said, Aagro played vital role with youth in the struggle of Sindh and he specially quoted Sophism in his books.
Ignoring the fact that Latimer had been motivated solely by the pain his daughter was enduring, a number of organizations concerned with the disabled mounted the sophism that to condone his actions would be to imperil all members of society suffering from disability.
I believe," he wrote, "that disordered ideas produce moral disorder, that a false dictum may call forth an infinite number of bad actions, that a sophism is often more dangerous to society than a crime.
The image from Indonesia illustrates why the assertion from the industry that chrysotile can be used safely is a sophism.
55) If it would not be too much of a sophism, one may define "reflexive lawfare" also as "the use of the term 'lawfare' as an instrument of lawfare.
Kallen's epigram, "We cannot change our grandfathers," was "a sophism," sneered Berkson.
A sophism guised under sophistication and progress, post-racial discourse eviscerates institutional, structural, systemic racism as well as the microlevel and quotidian manifestations of race.
64) He uses that distinction to disarm a skeptical sophism, by showing that we do not need to know that we know or how we know before we can know.