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These unknowable facts include facts about the future that are essential to determining correct rhetorical practice and so preclude the sophist from acquiring any genuine knowledge of what should be said in a particular case.
Sophist went on to land a Grade Three at Fairyhouse a week later, beating Financial Reward, Victoria Night and Celtic Warrior with two more of Lounaos' rivals today further behind.
141, and was about 47 years of age when he became hoplite general in 188/9; identified with the sophist, he was over 60 years old on his last embassy to Septimius Severus, and archon ca.
He concludes that "Gorgias the sophist would not have accepted any of Socrates's three claims about rhetoric" because, as is shown by the surviving Gorgianic texts, "his relativistic epistemology could not support their three corresponding binary oppositions," namely "knowledge versus opinion, instruction versus persuasion, and language versus content in the definition of an art" (p.
Inevitably Pico had to confront the apparent advocacy of the primacy of the One in the Parmenides (and for the Neoplatonists in the Sophist).
Intrigued by Philostratus's emphasis on "history" and specifics, I will step back from a traditional biographical perspective (5) to consider how Lucian constructs his own formation and career as a "sophist." I will draw particular attention to the role of the visual in this self-study, noting how the production and viewing of art are systematically employed to articulate professional identity.
The development of her position via consideration of the philosophical importance of characterization and the dialogue form in the Theaetetus, Sophist, Statesman, and Philebus leads her to focus in particular on Plato's depiction of his predecessors.
In the process of rehabilitating the reputed heretic, Lienhard examines Marcellus s theology as found in his primary work, the Contra Asterium, and then as found in the writings of his contemporary opponents (Eusebius of Caesarea, Eusebius of Nicomedia, Paulinus of Tyre, Narcissus of Neronias and Asterius the Sophist).
In "A Hanging" sophist horsemen force a stranger into killing another and then himself.
He has also been called a "liar", an "inconstant and capricious Machiavellian," a "sophist," "separatist," and "splittist." While reiterating that Taipei's policy toward China remains unchanged despite the new state-to-state label on bilateral ties, Lee for the first time elaborated why relations with China are "special," pointing to an ethnic bond between the people of both sides.
To do this, he examines five dialogues linked in dramatic chronology by internal evidence: the Theaetetus, Euthyphro, Cratylus, Sophist, and Statesman.
In the Platonic dialogue the Protagoras, Plato has the first Sophist articulate what scholars refer to as the Protagoras myth regarding the beginnings of things.