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(4) Consequently, it is clear that hybridity, in the Second Sophistic more broadly, plays a particular role in acting as a metaphor for a corrupted or unnatural construct.
The Second Sophistic. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
By drawing from Walker's sophistic definition of the enthymeme, it is possible to analyze the ways enthymemes strike at the heart (what Walker names as the "seat of emotions") in a kairotic moment.
We can better interpret this vignette and the work of Egan and Biesta to distinguish between socialization and the educational by recalling ancient Euro-American distinctions between sophistic and Socratic versions of education.
After reading the ease with which both writers present these perspectives in print, it is easy to forget just how hard it can be to stay in the middle of a debate with the potentially Sophistic tools of New Journalism and public persona so readily available to today's public speakers.
[a]uthors of sophistic fantasies about hypothetical developments in Islam at times draw pictures of how salutary it would have been to the evolution of Islam if the Mutazila had successfully risen to spiritual dominance....
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He also reviews and evaluates past scholarship on the text, placing particular emphasis on the sophistic rhetoric and pre-Socratic philosophy that are found in it but have been little mentioned previously.
It is impossible with wasted political figures to topple the government that disposes of much sophistic artillery.
Sophistic research helps a client understand how and why people think what they think.
Fish's views have also drawn the ire of absolute-minded conservative academicians as well, who often perceive him to be a kind of sophistic, postmodern proponent of nothing in particular.
These joints are much stiffer than gimbal-type joints, however they require more sophistic control algorithms to take into account the complex geometry of each actuator.