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Over 1,500 years after students nodded through their teacher's Sumerian lessons, Socrates stepped out from behind the lectern and taught by means of cross-examining and typically refuting his students' assumptions, revealing their sophistical reasoning through the dialogues that he manipulated.
In discussing Neo-Noirers, Broe includes Errol Morris' 1988 The Thin Blue Line, which is actually a documentary tracing the story of a man on death row who was innocently convicted of murder; as all of Morris' films, it is a sophistical art work in itself far removed from traditional fact-recounting documentaries.
This historical unconscious predisposes historical representation to be a deceptive illusion, something typically sophistical.
Wafa Sultan, an ex-Muslim dissident from Syria, offers a wholly different take on this sophistical premise in her shocking new book, "A God Who Hates" (St.
1989) (Organon consists of six books: Categories, On Interpretation, Prior Analytics, Posterior Analytics, Topics, and On Sophistical Refutations).
Soft tweed, fox furs, warm wools and cottons, astrakhan and silk add further sophistical to the collection.
This use of the distinction between intending and foreseeing may strike people as sophistical.
Besides attending the sophistical debates of Settembrini and Naphta, Hans absorbs himself in physiology, biology, cosmology, the occult, music, the puzzle of time and eternity, and Christian good works, but all of this seeking and "heightening" brings him no resolution.
2) The Dictionary of Public Health suggests that this sophistical pseudo-science was popular in some circles of public health up to the 1960s.
Disraeli once declared of Gladstone: "He is a sophistical rhetorician, inbraited by the exuberance of his own verbosity.
Aristotle III: On Sophistical Refutations; On Coming-To-Be and Passing Away; On the Cosmos.
An older view of rhetoric, associated with the sophistical movement of the fifth century B.