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Taking what is substantive in each element, and rejecting in each its exclusiveness, or rejecting what is sophistical and accidental in each, and bringing both into dialectic union, we have the truly catholic order, and a really catholic civilization, together with the principle and conditions of the unity and peace of Christendom.
Hu demonstrated the Sophistical attitude first and foremost in the Literary Revolution's creative impetus.
Reverting to our previous point, we can say that the sophistical skepticism and agnosticism acquits the senses of suspicion and prescribes, conversely, a reliance on them in our cognition.
Reading the Meno and the cave forces students to wait, to give up their sophistical desire for immediate answers.
3) One example of Luther's exasperation with a purportedly sophistical distinction is Erasmus's attempt to safeguard some kind of free will by the use of the term "effective.
The sophistical factory - which had a potential PS2m-ayear turnover - was described as one of the biggest cannabis farms ever uncovered in North Wales.
Medieval disputation truly flowered with the 12th-century rediscovery and translation of Aristotle's Topics and Sophistical Refutations, which provided the best models yet for dialectic argumentation.
Language and de World in the Sophistical Refutations del ano 2003 sera la que oriente el presente trabajo.
This explains why our proof will unavoidably have a somewhat sophistical appearance.
Burlingame sows doubt about the existence of a stable self or world as a necessary prelude to the true but fantastical tale of his recent adventures: "But so fantastic a tale it is, my first concern is for thy credulity, and thus I deemed necessary all this sophistical discourse" (140).
The Second Paralogism, which is 'no sophistical play', Kant admits, 'but an inference which appears to withstand even the keenest scrutiny' (Kant, CPR, A351), asserts 'that if a multiplicity of representations are to form a single representation, they must be contained in the absolute unity of the thinking subject' (Kant, CPR, A352).
If they are used abusively breaking the status of copies, a sophistical usage occurs.