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10) Conceived of as an unmitigated skeptic, Hume is interpreted as suggesting that causality qua necessary connection is a habitual abstraction in which human beings go beyond what is warranted in terms of experience, and impose the concoctions of their imaginations onto the real, sophistically calling it knowledge.
The dedication of the Center, which will be aimed at environmental education, will explain and enlighten, practically and sophistically, the development of the structure in environment.
Once this basic classification is in place, ambiguity-free philosophical discourse requires, further, the recognition of a host of improper forms of argument which either make use of ambiguity sophistically or which seek to exploit unimportant, superficial forms of ambiguity in the philosophical positions under attack.
22) Likewise, the sophistically inclined On the art opens with a rebuke of those who demean the technai and follows with a defense of techne in general and of medicine in particular.
These visual apercus, which Morris refers to rather sophistically as "impressions" rather than reenactments, are undeniably gorgeous.
He's not so much unlike others, he reasons sophistically, as her distance makes him out to be.
Donald Greiner argues that although Harry cannot think so sophistically, he does feel that he is "a relative innocent, trapped in the American culture of 1950-1990" (51).
In all of these statements on slavery we see ancient philosophers sophistically rationalizing what they had to in order to justify the existence of slavery, that is, insisting that those enslaved were inferior to their masters above all in terms of reason and that they were so by nature, not circumstance.