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This unique and sophistically designed product will bring style and hydration into the home and offer a filter subscription service to deliver fresh, new filters right when they're needed.
The main aim of the efficacy is to reach to targets sophistically for making better and excellent life status in this regard [15].
(59) Joel Altman illustrates this kind of knowledge with Iago's skilled exploitation of the hysteron proteron, a figure related to the circumstantial evidence of the law courts, but capable of operating somewhat sophistically: "it starts with a presumption passionately grounded in some relational notion of identity ...
(97) While she too will be relativised as the wife of Thersandros, and (sophistically) reintegrated into chaste society by the test of her marital faithfulness in Book 8, she will nonetheless continue to operate as a private individual with her own legal team and her own competing narrative at the courtcase in Books 7 and 8, and in these many senses she behaves in a manner familiar to the reader from the world of male companionship.
The entire programme was likened to a fashion show of the most colourful and sophistically designed kimonos including traditional costumes for festivals and Samurai style.
Small but charming is Julie Stoner's "Terra Firma," an ironic riposte by a mother to her youngster, who claims sophistically that in a world of impending disasters there is no reason to do his chores: "the world might end, and / all your puny labors will be as nothing.
(10) Conceived of as an unmitigated skeptic, Hume is interpreted as suggesting that causality qua necessary connection is a habitual abstraction in which human beings go beyond what is warranted in terms of experience, and impose the concoctions of their imaginations onto the real, sophistically calling it knowledge.
The dedication of the Center, which will be aimed at environmental education, will explain and enlighten, practically and sophistically, the development of the structure in environment.
Once this basic classification is in place, ambiguity-free philosophical discourse requires, further, the recognition of a host of improper forms of argument which either make use of ambiguity sophistically or which seek to exploit unimportant, superficial forms of ambiguity in the philosophical positions under attack.
(22) Likewise, the sophistically inclined On the art opens with a rebuke of those who demean the technai and follows with a defense of techne in general and of medicine in particular.