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There is an element of sophistry going on here," John Baron, a lawmaker from Cameron's Conservative Party, told the BBC.
Furthermore, scholars have considered Speroni s interest in ancient sophists as a marginal aspect of his philosophy and have disregarded the paramount role of the period s vernacular writing on sophistry that began with his works and spread throughout sixteenth-century Italy.
This endless sophistry is designed to lull the world into acquiescence and the Western media are so oblivious to the double standards.
This is the sort of pusillanimous sophistry designed to encourage our youth to blame others rather than themselves.
In an earlier order in this Action, the Court itself stated that "Cooperman may have been dishonest in his communications with Tetragon and that he may be prone to sophistry while under oath".
Instead of devising feasible solutions to the very real problems facing lower-skilled workers, too many so-called experts offer false hopes from a higher minimum wage and resort to sophistry like pointing out the differences between the pay of the CEOs of fast food companies and those of their entry-level workers.
He described the report as "wholly inadequate" and one of which "Sir Humphrey of "Yes Minister" would be proud due to the potent sophistry of its content".
Jumblatt wondered, urging the Lebanese to replace their extraordinary sophistry energy with tangible action aimed at combating terror schemes in Lebanon and the region.
But that's nothing but irresponsible and cowardly sophistry.
Among the topics are Protagoras and the definition of sophist in the Sophist, Plato's enquiry concerning the sophist as a way towards defining philosophy, Socrates and noble sophistry, the method of division, Plato's Ionian muses, whether Plato refutes Parmenides, the doctrine of non-being, the realization of separation, difference and negation, and the distinction of the megista gene.
Today, of course, some soi-disant Catholic political figures use the sophistry of "governing for all citizens" to justify or mask their stand on abortion and support or overlook other non-Christian positions on various issues.
They peddle poisonous falsehoods and their narrow worldview to gain political power, the rest is obfuscatory sophistry, the editorial added.