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Philosopher and prophet prove odd bedfellows in the fight against sophistry.
Sophistry extends its "clever speaking" to the politically most relevant matters: the just, the good, and the beautiful or noble.
The answer, more often than not, requires a degree of sophistry and my priest's prayer to save our ministers from hypocrisy was a splendid example.
This is the sort of pusillanimous sophistry designed to encourage our youth to blame others rather than themselves.
He described the report as "wholly inadequate" and one of which "Sir Humphrey of "Yes Minister" would be proud due to the potent sophistry of its content".
Among the topics are Protagoras and the definition of sophist in the Sophist, Plato's enquiry concerning the sophist as a way towards defining philosophy, Socrates and noble sophistry, the method of division, Plato's Ionian muses, whether Plato refutes Parmenides, the doctrine of non-being, the realization of separation, difference and negation, and the distinction of the megista gene.
Today, of course, some soi-disant Catholic political figures use the sophistry of "governing for all citizens" to justify or mask their stand on abortion and support or overlook other non-Christian positions on various issues.
They peddle poisonous falsehoods and their narrow worldview to gain political power, the rest is obfuscatory sophistry, the editorial added.
If these claims are true, how can diairesis provide reliable definitions of sophistry, statesmanship, or anything else?
As the nation is deeply concerned about the likelihood of Taliban coming back to power, some people are using their sophistry to hide the reality -- something that amounts to betraying the nation," Qanuni remarked.
If you are much taken with etymology, the connection between sophistication and sophistry might not come as a surprise.
Secrecy, Sophistry and Gay Sex in The Catholic Church The Systematic Destruction of an Oblate Priest