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Lincoln Center Festival can always be counted on to inject some class into the soporific summer theater season by hosting avant-garde work by celebrated international companies.
No matter, connections must still have been pretty pleased with Ambella that day as she only went down to Cherry Tiger by a length and a half, even in spite of the soporific gallop from the outset.
I had the misfortune to see it and it must surely be the most soporific quiz show ever to land a prime TV slot.
Haig also points out that while less frequent night waking in formula-fed infants is usually explained by the fact that formula is harder to digest, and therefore more soporific, than breast milk, infants who were breastfed but were not nursed during the night slept longer than breastfed infants who were nursed at night.
Symphony Hall Welsh composer Karl Jenkins' music is the perfect niche-marketing product: a pick 'n' mix blend of soothing New Age soporific religiosity and worldmusic eclecticism.
HISTORY is a subject which has been more effective than the soporific drugs in the market.
Conjuring up the soporific, smoky, hot atmosphere of a seedy jazz club, through barbershop harmonies to the foot-stomping finale of Chuck Berry''s You Never Can Tell, Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band were a revelation.
Eight days later, she returned to the ED with abdominal pain; a soporific drug was administered.
WITH the average price running for much of the day below the 130,000gns mark, yesterday's third and closing session of Book 1 had developed a more soporific feel than the previous two, which were the equivalent of having cymbals crashed in your ears every ten minutes or so, writes Richard Griffiths.
He reviews everything from high drama to cabaret sideshow, and the soporific poetics he advocates in the theater illuminate his own later work.
Given the soporific nature of much of the coverage, I was surprised that anyone could stir themselves to pick up a phone.