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from the sorcerous seething clouds On the horizon line the shimmering Ganga and Jamuna Gilded sinews of lightning face the fast approaching clouds Glimmering movement of lightning appears again, again Foliage glimmers startled jolted by lurching clouds Why doesn't the lightning Linger just a moment Exchange the dark for light in this drunken hoard of roving clouds (25) Toward the abode of Rajender's temples of drunken beauties incline the rains Toward the abode of Krishna's melodies Of piercing flute turn reeling clouds Let the bitterness of wine arouse overflowing mercy of the Eternal As the glimmer of lighting hints At the shape of looming clouds Has there ever been harder Weeping and wailing than that of Muhsin?
49) Whatever the time frame, however, through such associations the boundaries that once served to separate parochial beliefs in witchcraft from sorcerous practices associated with the global reach of capitalism are called into question.
Murtagh also had a two-day ban for careless riding reduced to to one, but his luck ran out when Sorcerous, who was ridden by Kinane, was allowed to keep the race he won at Listowel.
David Elsworth's Indian Creek was the only British-trained defector, the others being Speedmaster, Dance Routine and the Aidan O'Brien-trained trio of Sorcerous, Sholokhov and Quarter Moon.
The Irish trainer may also saddle Galileo's brother, Black Sam Bellamy but O'Brien's other acceptors - Sholokhov, Quarter Moon and Sorcerous - are doubtful.
With Tholjanah preferring plenty of cut in the ground, preference is just for Sorcerous.
Simultaneously romantic and real, his charisma is violent and sorcerous.
We may understand how cults form with the martini as with all arts, how rituals develop, how superstitious or even sorcerous beliefs and practices betray a faith that is passionate and pure but runs easily to fanaticism.
In his likening of Pope the satirist with a sorcerous pharmakeus J.
By this point, you probably have a clear picture in your mind of the space I inhabited in my younger years: I was the multi-voiced lunatic with the sorcerous touch of death who was believed to be gay.
Montreal's Dominique Labelle took the title role, looking properly sorcerous in a voluminously skirted rose-pink gown.
He is a half-brother to Grand Lodge and a number of Listed-class performers including Sorcerous, who was best at this trip, and four of his dam's progeny have gained RPRs above 100.