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The son said he discovered his mother had been dealing in sorcery and found pieces of papers with strange words on them.
The suspect told the police that he had come in Kuwait to make money and admitted the practice of sorcery, adding that most of his clients were women
Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs, said practising sorcery and witchcraft poses a risk to the security of the society and involves manipulating people's minds.
I want to focus on a specific aspect of this process by studying recent attempts to control sorcery within a system of law.
Amnesty International says a court there charged the father of five with sorcery and sentenced him to death in 2009 after he made predictions on a Lebanese television program that was broadcast in Saudi Arabia.
As a result, the bulk Papua New Guinea's six million people who live in the highlands have long retained traditional cultural beliefs and superstitions, including ''sanguma,'' the widely used term for sorcery.
As Michelle Winship wrote in her review of the first book in KLIATT, "Jane Austen meets Harry Potter" in this story, combining the formality of the comedy of manners of Austen with magic spells and sorcery.
On the other hand, the Harry Potter character portrays evil as good in that it shapes sorcery, occultism, divination and magic as light.
While the first, From Sorcery to Science, features fabulous percussion, one may wish to replay this score about as often as one might ingest the Ex-Lax manufactured by one of the film's sponsors.
Mormando's and Polecritti's choice of subjects contributes to the growing literature on Bernardino and preaching, particularly complementing Bernadette Paton's recent Preaching Friars and the Civic Ethos: Siena, 1380-1480 (1992), and to the recent scholarly interest in the problems of sorcery, sexuality, and political and religious difference -- particularly anti-Judaism -- in the early fifteenth century in Italy and elsewhere.
Long after the movement had run its course, Picabia's Dada spirit still reigned, and even in 1948, five years before his death, he could thumb his nose at his own history, recycling under the appropriately titled Heresy and Sorcery an inscription-filled machine fantasy that looks like one of his textbook classics from World War I.
The man being held by police was reported to be a foreigner illegally living in Saudi Arabia, where sorcery is banned under a strict interpretation of Islamic laws which calls for soothsayers to be executed.