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He would not want to bring the inevitable pain to her sons, William and Harry, that another sordid book will cause.
In most cases, Vedova Mazzei's work looks to the sordid side of life, proposing in-your-face interventions that reject distanced contemplation in favor of visceral, if wry, humor.
--Out writer Del Shores (Sordid Lives), upon accepting a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle award for his play The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife, April 4
Titmuss, who sold her sordid sex secrets to a Sunday newspaper last week, patently isn't psychologically suited to the role of NHS "angel".
Now she says former husband Shawn Brown and ex-lover Jorg Halaby threatened to sell sordid stories about her unless she paid $310,000.
His last sordid e-mail message was sent on the day the 37-year-old Crimewatch host died.
To have articulated the sordid conditions of reconstruction culture's resuscitated spirituality, and its inevitable entwinement with reactionary political ideologies, is among Klein's indisputable achievements.
Boozy Merete Underwood put her innocent victim through hell in a bid to stop her husband Toby finding out the sordid truth.
"Everything indicates that Sharipov was arrested on false and sordid pretenses designed to rid the authorities of a bothersome dissident voice," the group's secretary-general, Robert Menard, said in a letter to Uzbek president Islam Karimov.
A PRISON officer who embarked on an affair with one of Scotland's most notorious child killers was caught when bosses taped their sordid telephone calls.
The authorities believe several companies which own lorries are not aware their vehicles are being used in the sordid narcotics trade.
She told her husband - 70s sports hero Paddy who knew nothing of his wife's sordid activities - she was away from home on business.