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Meanwhile Victoria, intelligent enough to know that men see only "her face, her breasts, her hips," nonetheless participates in her own objectification, and her staggering physical beauty is sordidly reduced to a series of penetrable orifices.
Refusing to give up her body to the defining gaze of the church and for the use of society--here sordidly illustrated by Gervaise's attempted rape--means death for the maiden.
In images such as Two Miners, Datong, Shanxi Province, 1996, or Xinjiang Girl Working in a Textile Factory, Hetian, Xinjiang Province, 1996, labor is sordidly, hauntingly personified, while in Two Rich Men on New Year's Eve, Beijing, 1999, and A Chinese Girl with a Foreign Friend, Beijing, 1996, its effects are likewise sharply drawn.
Mercury's retort is instructive: "Truly my Philosopher thou art a devill to mee, not I to thee: for thou dost deale most sordidly with mee, after a devilish manner.
From page one, this is a sordidly sinful ride that will make you cringe, laugh, and want to read again.
And whether we like it or not, humans, married and unmarried, will continue to have sex--wisely, foolishly, violently, nicely, hostilely, pleasantly, dangerously, responsibly, carelessly, sordidly, exaltedly--and there will be pregnancies: wanted, unwanted, partly wanted, partly unwanted.
We have invaded a sovereign (though sordidly ruled) country, for preemptive self-protection against weapons of mass destruction of unproven existence.
That is, is his brutality self-protective, masking fear of a polluting association--in this case a fear of being thought of as sordidly "deviant"?
In portraying an innocent child who wants only to survive and who by some freak gets her wish when the horror itself expires and she is free, Lustig probes the nether regions of the Nazi obsession, illuminating with awful intimacy Skinny's grim, sordidly arresting quotidian.
When only 12, she earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role as a street hooker in Martin Scorsese's sordidly realisticTaxi Driver (1976).