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When only 12, she earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role as a street hooker in Martin Scorsese's sordidly realisticTaxi Driver (1976).
I indulged in perversion all alone, at night, furtively, timidly, sordidly, with a feeling of shame that never left me even in my most loathsome moments and drove me at such times to the point of profanity.
Everything seems sordidly natural in this story, even if it ends with a birth and renewal, and is quite different from what the word romance evokes in English.
Quayle also attempts to shift the responsibility for violence from Ballantyne to his young male readership, whose testosterone-inspired demands for the sordidly spectacular Ballantyne catered for in order to provide for his numerous family:
The movie comes within spitting distance of illuminating the whole, sordidly fascinating story, or at least shrewdly speculating on it.
As the sons of the Puritans who for centuries managed my own institution always seemed to maintain, no matter how sordidly you earned it, once you have given it to Harvard and Harvard has spent it, in the eyes of God and man it is cleansed.
Is the "author" a Foxy Conservative who approves of using religion to keep down those who are down, or a Jacobin who pillories, in code, the sordidly manipulative nature of royal politics, and, in particular, the distinction the powerful make between good religion (that keeps society free of upheaval) and bad?
And the journos are streets ahead of the police and the politicians when it comes to uncovering clues to the whole sordidly intriguing affair.
The probation service, into whose in-trays their sordidly complex casefiles are dumped, was busily congratulating itself yesterday for the way in which it tackles the thankless task of overseeing their "rehabilitation" into the community.