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It's the danger and sordidness that's the attraction.
She was repelled by the sordidness of the tale and refused even to leaf through the papers.
Virginia Woolf had dismissed James Joyce as a low-bred fellow and to this day English critics as sound and level-headed as Sir Victor Pritchett have entertained certain reservations about the unappealing sordidness of Ulysses, sordidness being the natural terrain of low-bred fellows.
The deftness with which he executed the policy left no one in doubt that there is indeed a new broom that is determined to sweep away the sordidness in the nation's financial houses.
Throughout the 1970s, the American electorate was shifting to the right, disillusioned by the perceived failures of the Great Society programs, the debacle in Vietnam, the sordidness of Watergate, and, perhaps most importantly, rising taxes accompanied by declining economic performance.
Worthy of having dripped from the pens of the Brothers Grimm for its sordidness, the intricate tale told by the documentary "Casino Jack and the United States of Money" could perhaps be best distilled into a grim revision of a familiar rhyme:
This is the vision of "love in the loooong run" rooted in the Incarnation, that O'Connor struggled to reveal in her fiction, to reveal in the sordidness of the world what Williams calls "the strangeness of (the) unconditional love" (161) of God, which demands disinterested love on the part of the writer.
Jazz was their explosive attempt to cast off the blues and be happy, carefree happy even in the mist of sordidness and sorrow.
The sordidness of the sexual fling can be gauged by a few facts: Mrs.
Austen deliberately strips her villain of any charm, thus stripping away the veneer of romanticism disguising the sordidness of abduction.
Others like Chinua Achebe and Charles Nnolim are disturbed by the sordidness of his scatological imagery and pessimism especially in The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born.
THANKS to J D Appleyard, of Rastrick, for his comments on my reflections on the sordidness of those Members of Parliament caught up in the expenses scandal.