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His solutions are sorely inadequate and massively under-whelming.
Such a compound might form the basis of a sorely needed new drug for this deadly disease.
Companies spend millions of dollars on high availability solutions to be able to tolerate a failure of technology, but solutions that help people and process are sorely lacking.
The lady who wrote these words was certain that, were women to be ordained, they could produce sorely needed new models of priesthood.
His presence in AIDS advocacy will be sorely missed; his humanity and service will not be forgotten.
The challenge he offers us, to become open hands of service is most sorely needed, especially as we live through these days of turmoil and pain both inside our beloved church and contemporary society.
The document destruction service industry has proliferated to a point that a new, more efficient shredding technology is a sorely needed breath of fresh air.
Here, Gillmore's penchant for malapropisms (as in the lyric, sexually evocative Your damp wounds will be sorely mist) and rebuses (as in Boo Fucking Hoo, in which a phallic appendage dangling from the first o in "boo" penetrates the middle letter of "hoo" painted below) finds expression.
They also create sorely needed jobs in neglected neighborhoods and introduce concrete-raised children to the wonders of nature.
Starring in Your Own Life is a great tool for readers looking for guidance on how to change their outward persona, but those looking to make deeper changes in their lives will be sorely disappointed.
According to many who taught and danced there, the center provided two things Los Angeles sorely lacked--a school and performance space for professionals, and a hub for L.
Ciena brought jobs and opportunity to an area that sorely needed them, and the company's culture is devoid of the job-switching mentality that characterizes so many other high-tech firms.