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But with extra hours of practice and strenuous knee exercises, I became sorer by the day.
Finally, placing these procedural issues in a global context not only helps explain some of the driving economic forces involved, and the interrelated nature of the changes taking place in other parts of our economy and government, but this context suggests that we can learn from some of the so-called sorer law approaches that are developing in the international law arena.
Peralta Sorer A, Knudsen KA, Salazar H, Han AC, Keshgegian AA.
Treasures like those of the Sorer Collection of Ceremonial Objects, Torah curtain hangings, or the paintings of Ludwig Meidner will be able to be installed in a milieu free from conventional trappings, yet redolent of the psychology of the overall context.
The fact that Saturn's innovations were driven by competition with Japan was an even sorer point, since it suggests an argument that the unions still fiercely resist: public schools could use some competition, too.
Aside from a sore back and a sorer head, I was all right.
40) Because of this continual need for Deutung, a new class of intellectual elites arose, the "Literatokratie,"(41) such as, for example, the Israelite sorer, the Jewish rabbi, the Hellenistic philologos, and the Islamic mullah.
But it was the extraordinary endorsement of the Chattam (Rabbi Moses) Sorer of Pressburg, the revered doyen of Hungarian Jewry, that elevated it to the canon of halakhic literature.
note that key R&D trends in TPUs are toward sorer grades (less than 80 Shore A), wider usage in blow molding, and improvements in chemical resistance, flame retardancy, and uv stability.
While Boomers may be growing a little older and a little sorer, a preoccupation with their overall health remains a priority in the form of preventative mailutions we've developed -- from massage chairself-managed health and well-being.
I have a stiff neck as I must have turned when I was falling and my bum is sorer now than it was at the time.