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He said: "I'm going to try and carry on regardless, whether it's a bit sorer tomorrow or in two days' time, I'm going to carry on.
The team, coached by Adel Al Marzooqi, is being captained by Shaikh Khalifa bin Rashid Al Khalifa and features former national team captain Khalid Al Dossary besides the team's top sorer Abdulla Al Arabi.
It can make for a sore back and a sorer backdrop, but he claims not to like "nice" places anyway, or even nice people.
Clerimont makes it clear, for instance, that whatever sorer emotions he might still feel for his wife are contingent upon her reform; however many "real Pangs" he has felt for her, his affection has been eroded by her recent behavior (5.
The strangest part of it is that they're all hoping for the chance to make the playoffs and get even more bruised and sorer and reach a point of exhaustion.
The relationship between learning to read and learning to write is well-established (McGinley, 1992; Tierney, Sorer, O'Flahavan, & McGinley 1989; Trosky & Wood, 1982), and therefore teachers consciously and purposefully link the two during classroom instruction and activities.
Speaking in sorer voices, not using overhead intercom systems, and adjusting monitor alarms when possible are ways to decrease the noise level.
Tristram boldly states, "And therefore lightly call his messenger and he shall be answered, for as yet my wounds be green, and they will be sorer a seven night after than they be now; and therefore he shall have his answer that I will do battle tomorn with him" (2:23).
Sorer for their comments and to the anonymous referee of the Comparative Economic Studies for his/her helpful comments and suggestions.
The event was challenging but we had team members of all abilities taking part and now some of us are sorer than others.
It would, he thought, be even sorer tomorrow, when the alcohol had worn off.
The thing with dead legs is that they get sorer and sorer the more you play on them.