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However, all things considered, losing that semi-final and the chance of playing a Rangers team who were struggling to field 11 players because of the volume of games was the sorest.
Mi-Ni-Ma-Ru (Minimal), 1999, a painting referring to kamikaze flyers, probably the sorest point in Japanese war memories, is a simple horizontal surface coated in silver with a few yellow brushstrokes making a tori, the gate of a shrine, and text written in a young man's blood, reading in Japanese, LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR.
I have to admit my body was probably the sorest it's ever been the day after Monday's game, that's how tough it was.
Hours before, Caroline had tweeted: "Woke up with the sorest throat and huge glands
The Celtic gaffer said: "I've lost a few games to Rangers but being the losing manager has been the sorest.
Mortified by the way the afternoon had unfolded, I propped up the bar in a little pub called The Raisin, where Friday-night revellers were going about their business without a care in the world and I stood out like the sorest of sore thumbs.
Small businesses have also signed on to the buzz as a kind of feedback forum where they can get to know both their biggest fans and their sorest critics.
But Sontag's eloquence reached its highest pitch when her conscience examined the sorest issues of her time.
Arsene Wenger embodied the theory Arsenal are the sorest losers in the game by insisting, ``It was more down to mistakes than anything Liverpool created, so it was not a brilliant goal in my opinion.
If earlier Bembo had poked his finger in Florence's sorest spot (its inability to recapture Pisa with its maritime port) and Cesare had recalled Venice's material riches gained from trade, Bibbiena retaliates by calling to mind the specific circumstances which spelled the end of Venice's monopoly on the Indian spice trade.
The German, who could have been the architect of his own downfall in Monaco on Sunday, proved that as well as being the world's best driver he is also its sorest loser.