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Leaves were selected from diseased plants which total sorosis were infected by disease last more than two years and whole plant showed a marked decline, the healthy leaves comes from the mulberry that were not infected by disease in the same environmental conditions with the same annual.
Preliminary report on technology for preventing popcorn disease of mulberry sorosis. N.
Sorosis also the target of a hostile media campaign in his native Hungary and has been attacked in Italy for his promise to invest $500m to meet the needs of migrants and refugees arriving in Europe.
En el presente estudio, este atributo difiere fuertemente entre los tipos de fruto mas frecuentes (Cuadro 2), en especial si se comparan los de promedio mas pequeno (baya y sorosis) con los de mayor valor (camara y legumbre), discrepancias tambien muy notorias a nivel de las longitudes minimas y maximas.
The General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), for example, was pulled together in 1890 when the leaders of the Sorosis Club of Ne w York City convened a meeting of about five dozen clubs from across the United States (Wells 1953, chap.
In addition, white grape, sorosis (a thick-skinned pineapple) and mango are distributed exclusively in bulk sizes.
("Jenny June") Croly made the magazine the organ of Sorosis, the mother of the women's club movement in the United States.
(58) Instead of appearing as a byline, Hilton's name was visible over the next three decades in a steady stream of articles about meetings of the Oklahoma City chapter of Sorosis, another of the Federated Women's Clubs devoted to conviviality and genteel self-improvement.
In 1924-25, Jessie found herself living at the Sorosis Club in Oklahoma City, rather than simply attending meetings there.
This work dovetailed with her volunteer activities through Sorosis at the WPA art center in Oklahoma City.
In 1942, she gave a talk at the Oklahoma City chapter of Sorosis on "her personal experiences as a newspaper reporter, including an interview with the Duke of Manchester," which suggests that she continued to write for the Gaylond papers for some time after her tour of state welfare institutions.
(45.) William Keith, "Lecture on Art," delivered mid-1890s to Sorosis Club, quoted in Nash et al., "Facing Eden," p.33.