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If they now plan to oppose the Labour Group by personal attacks then the Tory Party is in a sorrier state then I thought.
I don't know why, but it made me feel just that bit sorrier for the Newcastle United faithful who are beginning to think they will live out their days without ever seeing a trophy being paraded down Northumberland Street.
Nowhere perhaps is there a sorrier sense than in the United Kingdom that this is an age of political dwarfs pathetically unequal to the towering challenges of the day.
England's Ashes prospects are perhaps in an even sorrier state after they lost their last six wickets for 61 to be bowled out for 251 and put themselves on apparent course for a third successive defeat.
Injury and a temporary affliction have ruled out Snow Fairy and Nathaniel that would be hard enough for connections to bear, but you have to feel even sorrier for the Danedream team who have their wonder filly fit and raring to go but are confined to barracks through no fault of their own.
He is even sorrier about this than he is about the stimulus.
And if it wasn't for George Bailey's 46, the Aussies would have been in an even sorrier state.
I feel sorrier for him than for the prince and the marquis put together.
I'm sorrier about missing Great Expectations, which adds to Bleak House as another apparently excellent Dickens adaptation I will never see.
Dawsey, a Guernsey resident, writes, "I would be sorrier still not to know about him, as his writings have made me his friend.
Well if you do I'm sorrier for you than I usually am for anyone living outside Dublin, because you are missing out, my friends.
Congress has not had a sorrier record in the 40 years that I have been watching the formulation of fiscal policy.