sorrow for

See: regret
References in classic literature ?
Then went the Elves into the dreary prison-houses, where sad hearts pined in lonely sorrow for the joy and freedom they had lost.
RAMALLAH, March 25, 2015 (WAFA) President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday expressed his utmost sorrow for the victims of the German plane crash in the French Alps, which killed all 150 passengers on board on Tuesday.
In her analysis, Teel examined theories of time-bound grief and of chronic grief or mourning, and used these in adapting Olshansky's definition of chronic sorrow for nurses.
lt;He expressed sorrow for having caused the accident.
Damrosch and Perry (1989) noted no difference in the mean frequency of sorrow for mothers (n = 22) and fathers (n = 18) of children with Down syndrome.
For example, education ideally would not take place at a time of increased sorrow for both parents.
I feel so much sorrow for Tony Benn and the loss of his wife because, a few months ago, my wife died after 44 years of marriage.
As the Bible says: "God's ways are not our ways" (Isaiah 55:8) and often He permits sorrow for a definite purpose.
Take a page from the fourth-century desert monks and start with compunction--true sorrow for sin.
And when we experience intense sorrow for sin, it is experienced not only on behalf of ourselves, but also for others--for loved ones, neighbors, and even enemies.
In a moment of heightened awareness and deep emotion which I have never been able to explain in rational terms, I realized that there would never be peace in Ireland until there was an expression of sorrow for all the hurt and injustice that had been done to the Irish people.